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In our experience, an individual charged with a sex crime will likely endure more life changing consequences than any other type of charge. Often, these are charges were there is little to no physical evidence, alcohol or other mind-altering substances are involved, there are no witnesses to the alleged criminal act (other than the alleged victim) and it becomes one persons word against another.

Due to the nature of the charge and the severity of the consequences on your life, the lives of your family, and your freedom, an individual accused of a sex crime needs an experienced criminal defense attorney. If possible, it is critical to contact a Seattle sexual assault attorneyin the investigation stage (while the police are active in their investigation and prior to the police sending their report to the prosecutor's office for formal filing of charges). This is a part of the case that is critical in gathering evidence for both the State and the defense.

The police investigating these allegations are generally very experienced and know exactly what to do and how to do it, while individuals accused of these charges are generally in a situation they have never been in before and don't know what to do. An experienced criminal defense attorney can allow a suspect the opportunity to know all their rights at this crucial stage. Even if not convicted, you risk having the stigma of a sex crimes offense charge trailing your reputation and your life. At McNeese & Trotsky, PLLC, we understand the severity of a sex crime offense and all of the consequences that a defendant may face. We treat our clients and their cases with dignity and will seek to resolve your case in the most discreet and professional manner.

You need a Snohomish County sex crime attorney even before you are charged. We can protect your rights, limit an officer's ability to question you, and stop intimidating investigations.

Contact us to protect your rights.

When you are charged, you need commanding and effective criminal defense. Our attorneys know the necessary steps to take to ensure that your rights are protected. If you were recently charged with a sexual assault or you believe that you may be charged, you want an attorney experienced in defending this type of charge with the skills in advocacy, witness examination, and courtroom persuasion. At McNeese & Trotsky, PLLC, you can trust that our Seattle sex crime attorneys will take every necessary step to ensure that your rights are protected.


Our sexual assault and sex crimes attorneys are experienced with all of the following:

  • Sexual assault

  • Rape

  • Child molestation

  • Prostitution

  • Child pornography

  • Indecent exposure

  • Internet sex crimes

A sexual assault or sex crimes offense may carry serious penalties, including loss of your freedom, sexual deviancy treatment, lengthy registration requirements, along with the stigma associated with a sexual assault charge. It may limit your future job opportunities or even prevent you from seeing your family. Our King County criminal defense attorneys will defend your rights to ensure that you are treated fairly and with dignity. If you believe that you may be charged with a sex crime, or you are facing criminal charges, do not hesitate to contact our offices. We are prepared to protect your rights.

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