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Slip and Fall Injury at Work or Business ?

I fell in a major department store from a spill and suffered an injury. I didn’t speak to anyone about it. Do I have a case?

Reporting, although recommended, is not a requirement in order for you to have a case. Stores owe a duty to customers to keep their premises safe from hazards and to exercise reasonable care in doing so. You should contact the store in order to fill out an incident report and start a claim or contact a lawyer to see what your options are.

The business just got done mopping their floors and had a sign out, I walked over it and fell pretty bad. Who should I talk to?

You can always start by talking with management at the business where the fall occurred to fill out an incident report. Their insurance may be able to cover necessary treatment and care. These situations are dicey as far as liability goes because it ultimately comes back to what legal duties the business owed you as a customer and what reasonable steps they took to protect you from the harm. This is exactly the type of question an attorney is best suited to answer taking into consideration the specific facts and circumstances surrounding your fall.

I told a shift manager I fell and he took down my name and information, I haven’t heard anything back. What should I do next?

You can follow up with the store manager or try to contact the risk management or liability department of the company. Sometimes you may be able to find information about the insurer so that you contact the insurance company to start a claim directly with them or at least get the claim moving forward.

I slipped on a patch of ice in front of someone’s house and injured myself fairly bad, who should I contact?

You may be covered by the homeowner’s home insurance policy. This will depend heavily on the factual and legal nuances of the situation. To find out if the homeowner had insurance and to best assess your claim it would be wise to contact an attorney who handles personal injury cases.

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