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Young Woman Has An Accident On A Icy Way With Black Ice

The legal system in Washington State holds landowners accountable if injuries occur on their property, thanks to premises liability laws. If you’ve experienced harm on another’s property in Bellevue, it’s essential to comprehend these regulations. In this article, we’ll break down premises liability laws in Bellevue, WA, including its definition and how to approach insurance afterward.

What exactly is Premises Liability?

At its core, it means landholders can be held responsible for injuries on their property if negligence is involved.

Premises liability centers on the responsibility that falls property owners when someone gets injured on their premises due to neglect. From unsuspecting slips, unpredictable dog encounters, pool mishaps to overlooked security lapses, Bellevue residents have inherent rights that ensure safe surroundings.

Main Criteria for a Valid Premises Liability Case in Washington:

  • Proof of defendant’s ownership.
  • Evidence of neglect in maintaining the property.
  • Establish a connection between the neglect and injury.
  • Confirm negligence as the main cause of harm.

Examples of Premises Liability Injuries:

  • Accidents like slipping due to wet or irregular surfaces.
  • Injuries from aggressive dogs.
  • Accidents in swimming pools without proper safety.
  • Mishaps due to lack of property upkeep.
  • Situations resulting from inadequate security.

Why Choose McNeese & Trotsky for Your Bellevue Premises Liability Claim?

  1. Local Expertise: Located in Downtown Bellevue, our team intimately understands local regulations and intricacies.
  2. Years of Experience: With decades of collective experience, we’ve successfully handled numerous premises liability cases, securing favorable outcomes for our clients.
  3. Personalized Approach: Every case is unique, and we ensure personalized legal strategies tailored to each client’s situation.

When Property Owners Claim Ignorance of Hazards:

They might still be liable if they should have known about it through routine checks. A property owner’s responsibility is not only for hazards they know about but also for those they should have known about with reasonable inspections. If a hazard has existed for a considerable amount of time and the owner didn’t address it, they may still be held liable.

Claims for Public Property Injuries:

It’s possible, but special rules apply, making it vital to consult a legal professional swiftly. Claims against government entities come with specific notice requirements and shorter timelines. It’s crucial to act quickly and consult with an attorney familiar with the intricacies of suing a government agency.

Premises Liability Claim Submission Window

You generally have three years from the injury’s date in Washington, but some exceptions may apply.

How Compensation is Assessed:

This encompasses medical fees, lost earnings, mental and physical anguish, impacts on personal relationships, and damaged personal items.

Steps to Take Right After Getting Injured:

  • Get medical help immediately.
  • Record all details of the scene and injury.
  • Connect with any eyewitnesses.
  • Inform the landowner but limit detailed conversations.
  • Safeguard all pertinent evidence.

McNeese & Trotsky is committed to upholding your rights. If you’re convinced that oversight caused your mishap on a property, our adept premises liability lawyers await your call for an obligation-free discussion.

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