The Process of a Personal Injury Case

A common question we get at our law firm in Bellevue is do I have a Personal Injury case? To answer the question we have four questions to help expedite the process. 1) Is there liability? - This requires facts, witnesses, and evidence: we need a foundation for your case. 2) Insurance: is there insurance [...]

Personal Injury Lawyer Cost

What will a Personal Injury Lawyer Cost? At McNeese & Trotsky our clients are charged on a contingency fee basis. A contingency fee is any fee for services provided where the fee is payable only if there is a favorable result. It is defined as a fee charged for a lawyer's services only if the [...]

Hello, Bellevue!

Hello, Bellevue! Our Personal Injury Law firm has relocated our main office on the Eastside. Come see us at our new location in Lincoln Square 11711 SE 8th St #301 Bellevue, Washington 98005.

Slip and Fall Injury at Work or Business ?

I fell in a major department store from a spill and suffered an injury. I didn’t speak to anyone about it. Do I have a case? Reporting, although recommended, is not a requirement in order for you to have a case. Stores owe a duty to customers to keep their premises safe from hazards and [...]

What to do if you’re in a Car Accident

I've been in a car accident, what happens next? Car Accident Information 1. Check yourself and your passengers for injuries. If it’s safe and possible to do so, move your car to the side of the road where it is out of the way from additional potential danger or exit your vehicle and move to [...]

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